Smart Mirror

A mirror that displays useful information

The smart mirror is a project that I recently completed for fun. It is similar to other smart mirrors that have recently been making rounds on the internet, such as those by HannahMitt and ineptech.

This smart mirror displays the current time and date. The weather, including current temperature and conditions (shown with icon) and the high and low temperatures for the day, is retrieved from the Dark Sky Forecast API and displayed. If the bus is running, the time until the next bus is displayed. Any Google Calendar events that have not yet occurred on the current day are shown. The mirror also displays announcements of holidays and birthdays, such as "Happy Birthday Jess!"

To make the smart mirror, a piece of 12"x12" two-way glass was placed inside of a shadowbox frame. The app was written in Android Studio and is running on a cheap Android tablet placed behind the glass and secured with Command strips. A black piece of paper was cut to fit behind the glass, with a cutout for the tablet screen.

Even cats appreciate a smart mirror.

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