AI in Communication Affects Relationships

Through two large-scale online studies, we investigate the social consequences of using AI in communication

Pages as Members of BSG

Investigated whether BSG admins want to allow Pages to join and participate as members and why/not through semi-structed remote interviews

Effects of Message Content on Performance

With a large-scale online survey, we investigate the importance of priming on users’ perceptions of web browser performance

SMB Post Intent

Through a mixed methods approach, we determine the intents Page admins have when they post and how well their posts are helping them meet those intents

Effects of AI on Attribution and Trust

A unique remote experimental paradigm to determine how AI could affect interpersonal dynamics

Tidbit: Iterative Design

Iterative design methods were employed to create a low-cost mobile health system

Smart Replies for Page Admins

A large-scale online survey was used to quantify the usefulness of smart replies in helping page admins respond to messages

User Perceptions of Smart Replies

We investigated user perceptions and potential effects of smart replies through in-lab experiments and semi-structured interviews

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