Hi, I'm Jess.

I am a mixed methods researcher with over 6 years of experience leading end-to-end applied product & academic research initiatives. I hold a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction with concentrations in Social Aspects of Information & Communication, where my research has focused on understanding the social dynamics of human interactions with and mediated by AI. I am the first author of 7 peer-reviewed publications.

I love to collaborate and meet new people! If you'd like to chat about being a first-generation college student, navigating from technical to behavioral research (my background is originally in mechanical engineering), or examining the social aspects of AI, please send me a message.

In the News

Some projects I'm most proud of

AI in Communication Affects Relationships

Through two large-scale online studies, we investigate the social consequences of using AI in communication

Pages as Members of BSG

Investigated whether BSG admins want to allow Pages to join and participate as members and why/not through semi-structed remote interviews

Effects of Message Content on Performance

With a large-scale online survey, we investigate the importance of priming on users’ perceptions of web browser performance

SMB Post Intent

Through a mixed methods approach, we determine the intents Page admins have when they post and how well their posts are helping them meet those intents

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