A Mobile Platform for Quantification of Vitamin Levels

The NutriPhone is a smartphone based micronutrient testing system that uses an iPhone or iPad to analyze blood results for Vitamin B12, D, cholesterol, and other health markers.

Users can apply their blood to a test strip that is inserted into a custom phone accessory. The NutriPhone application then uses the phone’s camera to capture an image of the test strip and analyzes that image to provide an accurate health marker.

During my graduate studies, I redesigned the NutriPhone app to increase its capabilities, make it more accessible to a wide population, and provide feedback and information to users. Usability of the app has been verified through human trials. I also redesigned the NutriPhone logo and branding in order to make the app more attractive.

Through collaboration with the Interaction Design Lab, we also explored how individuals interpret different representations of their health data, cultural factors impacting use of the system, and the ways in which values and trust affect use of the system.